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Changing lives for a better tommorrow.

When you buy, a Dime is donated. And these dime’s add up. Join us in our efforts to keep hemp-derived CBD brands available and affordable for every family.

We work together with ethical retailers and charities to support our communities:

Dimes for Dollars

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Our “Dimes for Dollars” program, enables you to not only receive valuable discounts on products, but also promises that 10% of all our sales are dedicated to helping those in need within our local communities. Through a network of Community Sponsors & Retailers, we’re making the world a better place.

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Help our education and research partners provide the necessary training and tools for hard-working young adults to get a job in the biotech industry.


Thank You to our Corporate Sponsor’s for helping us promote our giving programs.

We’re excited that your business is helping spread the love about the amazing benefits of CBD.

Step 1

Contact Us today and tell us the charity you wish to support.

Step 2

Receive a customized promotional kit to your doorsteps.

Step 3

Receive a 10% credit for simply being a community partner.

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Start Giving It Back. Let's Have A Greater Tommorrow.

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